If you are a believer in the run game game of the series, for sure you will not be missed Run 2 - the game has attracted more than 10 million hits and thousands of game play.


Run 2 is a free running game in which the rules are just to do everything you can to reach your destination. You can jump and run on walls and gravity does not play a role in this game as everything takes place in outer space. There are some yellow orb you collect - but only if you have the time to do it.

There are many platforms on your way in this 3D games and you can choose your own path. You can run and jump normally from road to road, but if your front gap is too big, you should try to run and jump on the side walls.

There is a special note when you play Run 2 which is absolutely not reduce his speed on the track and had to respond quickly to the challenge or you will lose network.If you fall off the platform, you will end in space and you have to restart the level from the start. You can continue to experiment with different paths, if you want to reach the yellow orbs and score some additional points.

These levels will continue to get more complex and the finish line will be farther and farther. You will have to concentrate 100% to get there because a mistake is all it takes to fall off and no stage. You can return to any previous round you have completed and try to collect the orbs or replay it, so once you unlock a level, you will always have access to it.

Run 2 is a fun game and difficult, so it is best suited for those who never back down from a challenge.

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