Angry Birds Run to say that in the game genre Run 2 influential and most attractive for the gaming community.


This game costs $ 0.99 on the App Store. The free version for Android phones also bring in revenue of $ 1 million / month through advertising. Meanwhile Rovio, a small company in Finland, only cost $ 100,000 to develop the game.

Because the starting point of the genre Run 2 so basically Angry Birds Run is easier to play, but very addictive. Rovio said that users worldwide have played an average of 200 million minutes per day. Never before has a mobile game to fever worldwide such. Angry Birds Run, attracting a total of 50 million downloads in a year, is the first step from a smartphone screen into real life.

Angry Birds Run received a lot of praise for the combination of new gameplay, rich, comic style and low price. The popularity of this game it has given up the PC and console platforms. With about 300 million downloads across all platforms and all versions, Angry Birds Run is considered "one of the games tend to dominate today's most powerful", "a successful game 2010's excellent "and" applications on the mobile platform's most successful the world has ever seen ".

Your task in the game genre is very simple Run 2 which is dominated by Angry Birds jump over the obstacles in the game. And you only have to use a single key to control your bird jump over the pit of death. It sounds very boring, but when entering the game, you really can not take your eyes off the screen when the contract with colorful birds.

Play this fun game right in Run 2 to help the birds to your colors as fast as you can.

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